We have a responsibility to fully-fund the network of housing and homelessness programs; and DC is not doing that. As a result, we are facing a serious housing crisis that impacts people of all income levels across all eight wards.

Expand rent control, eliminate the additional 2% over inflation and vacancy rent increases,  and permanently close loopholes like voluntary agreements.


● Strengthen our Inclusionary Zoning law (and its enforcement) to require developers to include more affordable housing units—and that “affordable” means truly affordable.

● Prioritize the repair of dilapidated public housing developments as recommended DCHA’s recent audit and transformation plan. Assure one-for-one replacement of units and guarantee housing for residents displaced during renovation.

● Protect renters and homeowners from predatory practices from real estate investors and developers, landlords who are planning to sell their homes, and irresponsible property managers.

● Adequately fund Housing First programs that provide greater supportive housing options for those homeless or at risk of being homeless.