I said when we started this campaign that it was important to me that people leave the campaign more empowered than we started. We started with visioning conversations in all 8 wards. We started with many people who had never volunteered with a political campaign before. Who had never donated, or signed a ballot petition. Some had never voted. 

We started with some people who were very politically active but had never helped at this scale. 

And so many of you have told me that you have done things you never thought you could through our campaign.

I believe that the more we feel empowered, and the more we can bring that to every-day decisions we make, the more our home will reflect our vision. And we will be so much stronger when we start engaging with each other according to that vision instead of pushing each other out. Each of you has contributed to making sure that message was front and center in the DC Council At-Large Campaign. 

I am proud of what we accomplished. People questioned our ability to do this. But I offered the gifts that I have and pushed the conversation to make sure it included the vision you shared with me. I’ve learned from each of you, and you’ve taught each other. And I don’t have words to express the depth of my gratitude for your courage and willingness to engage.

This is not the end, it’s the beginning. The conversations we had, the way we ran our campaign, and the policy ideas we shared have inspired people and changed the rhetoric of this campaign. I look forward to continuing to engage with Christina Henderson, Robert White and all the members of the Council to make sure our vision stays top of mind. 

Never forget, this is Our Home, Our Vision and Our Time.



Jeanné Lewis